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How will we support you?

We are a person centred company with an open door policy. Our offices are based locally in the Calderdale area, with an easy accessible office.
We meet with all the people we work for to find out what is important to them, who they would prefer to support them and the times they would like. We do our up most to ensure the people we are working for have met the staff members before their support starts.
We think it is important for the people we work for to have as much control over their lives as possible. We encourage everyone to be part of decisions where possible. For example HFSA has a list of people who would like to be involved in recruitment. This could be sitting in on an interview, writing a list of questions to be asked or meeting the new member of staff at a focus group.
We have a flexible approach to peoples needs and do our best to meet these.

How will we make a difference?

HFSA think it is important to listen to what the people we are working for are saying and take action where we can.
We try our best to accommodate peoples support needs and often spend a lot of time on our rotas to get things right for the people we support.
We value what is said to us and try to make the changes suggested.
We link in with families and friends when asked, to provide the best support possible.

Focus Group

We run a focus group meeting every 2 weeks to discuss what the people we support would like to do.
We also involve people who want to in decision making, for example asking potential new members of staff questions that are important to the person,
One of the main things that people like to be involved in is community activities. This can include day trips/ short breaks to the seaside, trips to Howarth, the cinema, walking, bowling, Christmas shopping trips, shows or tea out – the list is endless!

Recently in one of our focus groups, we have been asked by several people to help make healthier meals and to exercise.
We have taken this on board and given people the tools to be able to achieve this. This could be by looking at new recipes, writing a shopping list/ supporting someone with their shopping or showing them how to make a new recipe.
Slow cooked meals are a success!!!
Also we have started a walking group – this is open to everyone we work for and is carefully planned to make sure everyone can come to this.
We link in with the community activities around us and make sure people get as much information as possible to make a decision
We are honest with people’s expectations

What people we support say?

“I can’t complain you look after me”
“Thank you for all your hard work”
“You are a star”
“Thank you for helping me with everything these last few months, I would be lost without you”
“Thank you for helping us move into new self contained flats, you have done a wonderful job making it easy for us”

What our organisation is about

We support over 70 people and we believe acting on people’s feed back is a key part to meeting a persons needs

  • To provide a quality service
  • To have a person centred approach
  • To help show people their rights and choices.
    To be included in community activities
  • Helping people to learn new skills and be as independent as possible.
  • To help people make informed decisions/ risks/ choices
  • To safeguard people
  • To sign post people where needed
  • To help people with benefit claims


We primarily support adults with learning disabilities and/or mental health problems however, we can also support people in the community that require help.

We provide support across Calderdale but mainly in the Halifax area.


You can be referred by Social Services for care and support. Your Social Worker or CPN can help. You can also contact us directly or, a friend or family member can contact us on your behalf.

After a referral has been made, we conduct an assessment with the individual to identify their care needs and risks. From this a support/care plan is developed with them. Assessments are reviewed annually and care/support plans quarterly.

We value and respect people as individuals. All our staff are highly trained, experienced and police checked.

Support is developed on an individual basis. Sleep-in staff are available and a Manager is on-call 24 hours a day


If you are claiming Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance, Housing Benefit will pay for the rent. Support costs will be paid through the Supporting People Grant.

If you work, your payment or contribution will be assessed individually depending on your earnings.

In the shared accommodation there is a small weekly charge, which is paid directly to HF Supported Accommodation Services. In the individual tenancies, bills are paid individually with support if required.

Domiciliary Care costs are dependant on need and the amount of support required. If you claim benefits you will may only need to pay a small contribution. This is dependant on a financial assessment.


Housing Advice Centre

01422 393318/09


0113 220 4620

Learning Disability Team

01484 393767/01422 841123

Mental Health Team

01422 383062/01422 355626


HF Supported Accommodation
Unit 32 The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre
Hopwood Lane

Tel: 01422 399 489
Mob: 07766108063
On-Call Manager: 07741008264

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