Decrease in Covid Cases in Bradford & Visiting Protocol

The positive cases in Bradford area have decreased slightly in the last week to 381/100,000 (The average in England is 338/100,000) and there was 2065 new cases in last week (a decrease of 104).

As and from 19 July there was a significant relaxation of rules in regards to Covid measures in England, however, there are NO changes to Care Homes.

Visitors will be, during their allocated time, permitted to take their loved one out for a short walk, either around the grounds or down to local park.

Vaccines: we are pleased to report that the residents have had their second vaccine and a majority of the staff team have now also received their second vaccine. Our residents and staff have already commenced being contacted to receive their booster vaccine in the next few weeks
We will be re-testing all staff again (PCR tests) in addition to the LFT that staff do at home twice per week.
The Government had made it Mandatory for all staff who work in care homes to be vaccinated from November 11 2021 to enable them to work in care and thus far the vast majority of our staff have been doubly vaccinated. We can confirm that we will have sufficient numbers of doubly vaccinated staff to provide care for our residents. No doubt this Mandate will make some difficulties in recruiting new staff in the future as we will only be able to recruit staff who are doubly vaccinated against Covid 19.

Visiting Protocol

As with our previous visiting protocol there are a few points I need to bring to your attention, as per Guidelines.
1. The Protocol for visiting, as detailed below, is not flexible and will be strictly enforced by us (so as to protect your loved ones and our staff).
2. Should we have a confirmed or suspected Covid case in the future the home will cease visiting immediately and no further visiting (for 10 days) will be allowed following the confirmed or suspected case being known to us.
Each family is to nominate visitors per resident , and only that person(s) is permitted to visit for the foreseeable future- this is not interchangeable between family members (we recommend only 2 visitors can visit at any one time or in same day).

• Visits will need to be pre booked (no ad hoc visiting permitted) by calling the home
When booking we will require the name of the Nominated visitor(s), their contact details (Track and Tracing). We would kindly request that you limit your visits, thus allowing all residents to receive a visitor.

• You will be required to attend ½ an hour before your allotted visiting slot so as we can undertake a Lateral Flow Test ( saliva test for Covid-19)-as per Government Requirement.- Should the Test be positive you will not be able to proceed with your visit and we will recommend you attend the local Testing Centre to receive a PCR Test (sent to a laboratory for testing), and also to self-isolate until you receive that test result back. We are required to inform PHE of all test results.
• Visits will be limited to 1 hour, no Children under 16, or pets will be allowed.
• You will need to go to our main reception upon arrival, and you will be asked a series of questions and have your temperature checked.
If you are showing any symptoms of the virus (persistent new cough; raised temperature or lack of taste or smell), or feel generally unwell, please don’t travel to the Home as you will be refused entry.
• It will be a condition of the visit that you clean your hands and use our sanitising gel, wear gloves and an apron which we will provide, and a face covering.

• You will be taken by a member of staff directly to the Visiting Lounge. You should try and touch as little as possible in the visiting lounge and you cannot bring anything into the lounge including food, clothes, gifts etc. for your relative. At the end of your visit go directly to your car.
• Please remember our residents (your loved ones) are very vulnerable, so please ensure your PPE is not taken off during your time with your loved one.
• You should use the WC provided at our main reception as you will not be allowed to use any toilet facilities within the unit.
This protocol will be reviewed regularly in line with PHE Guidance and is subject to change as required (which will be communicated to you)
We urge everyone to please abide by the Guidelines and restrict your movements and contacts to a bare necessity.
Please remember you can see and speak to your loved ones via Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp- just ask the staff and they will be more than happy to facilitate this for you.
Many thanks for your continued support and understanding and please be assured we are doing everything we can to keep your loved ones safe.