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Park Homes have been providing care and the very best and homely accommodation since 1996 allowing older people to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life. Those who felt isolated in their own home gain companionship; those who were struggling to cope alone receive 24-hour help; and others who may have felt like they were a burden can find themselves much more independent.

We go beyond the ‘National Standards for Care Homes for Older People’ caring about every detail of residents’ lives including health, diet, exercise, hobbies and social activities. Our aim is to ensure that all our residents continue enjoying life whilst receiving the very highest standard of care. You may be surprised how little our high standards cost, with many care home residents receiving complete funding from their Local Authority.

“At Park Homes we believe in giving quality care. By caring about every aspect of daily life we can offer older people a better place to live”

Visitors can come and go freely just like in your home

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