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Residential Care

Our priority is to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for residents and their relatives for those who, for peace of mind, feel happier with the knowledge that there is someone there for them all day, every day with meals and professional help 24 hours a day. Staff can provide personal care when needed, such as help with bathing, dressing, cleaning and laundry. Each home has a communal entrance, lounge and dining room. Residents are provided with fully furnished and decorated rooms but are welcome to bring in their own possessions. Each room provides a high level of privacy and amenities such as en suite facilities, an emergency pull cord, a television, a telephone point and even internet and satellite TV on request.

This level of care allows for independent living, but the support is there if it’s needed. Many of our residents chose to move into this type of accommodation to give them companionship, safety and above all peace of mind that there is someone there if they need help.

Nursing Care

Nursing homes offer residents the benefit of having qualified nursing care 24 hours a day. This can be a great relief for those who are struggling to cope in their own home, with only visiting carers for support.

In all our homes, the entrance, lounge and dining rooms are communal. Medically trained staff assist residents with a variety of nursing needs and also promote independence wherever possible.

A number of specialist facilities including bath aids, condition specific beds, special air pressure relieving equipment, passenger lifts and wheelchair access ensure comfort and mobility within the home. Our nursing staff are highly trained and update their nursing skills and practice by taking part in ongoing training supported by Park Homes to ensure the very highest standards of nursing care is delivered. We offer a person centered approach to care and this allows for the care to be as individual as your needs. Our group clinician audits nursing practice, maintaining consistency in standard and quality and introduces the best research based practice wherever possible.

EMI Care with Nursing

Dementia can cause distress for both the individual and their families. Our goal is to create an atmosphere which is calm, relaxed and re-assuring. We achieve this through understanding of life histories; developing well trained staff; having positive communications; routines with meaning; family involvement and good orientation of the building

Residents are encouraged to retain familiar routines, habits and lifestyle so that life has meaning. Research has shown that unusual behavior in old age is often exaggerated examples of normal behavior from earlier phases of life. By building a deep personal relationship it is frequently possible to understand the whole person and develop activities accordingly.

Individuals benefit from taking part in normal life in the community. Life should continue and not stop or change when someone enters care. Depending on the individual, accompanied visits to shops, local parks, the pub or attending church services can make Life more meaningful and fulfilling. Where appropriate we aim to reduce medication if it will benefit the quality of life. This is undertaken following assessment and discussion with the family and healthcare professionals.

Our EMI homes have been designed using specialist research from centres of excellence. The homes offer a safe and secure environment with enclosed sensory gardens, designed to encourage residents to move around freely and safely at their leisure.

The homes provide a wide range of activities tailored to residents’ needs and as well as being able to use communal areas, residents have their own rooms with en-suite facilities, and their own television. Each resident is allocated a personal carer who will provide a key point of contact for friends and relatives. All employees in the home also have training in EMI related conditions.

Respite Care or Holiday Care

Everyone deserves time out. Whether you care for a relative, are a professional carer, or are in need of permanent care yourself, taking a break from your usual routine can do wonders for you.

As a carer you can relax, knowing that your relative, friend or patient is in a safe, welcoming environment with first class care tailored to their needs. A respite care stay at our homes gives many people the opportunity to experience first rate service amongst friendly and welcoming staff and residents.

Respite care stays are always short term. Having said that, the relationships they build between the Home and resident give great reassurance to all concerned, especially if a longer stay ever becomes necessary. Respite care is also ideal for those who are well enough to leave hospital but not yet well enough to return home.

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